FootGolf South Africa


FootGolf South Africa (FGSA) is the national administrative governing body that controls the sport of FootGolf in the Republic of South Africa and is an official member of the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).

FootGolf is a new hybrid sport. A combination of the popular sports of football (soccer) and golf. The game is played with a regular #5 football on a golf course on shortened holes with 53-centimetre diameter cups.

Similar to golf, the object of the game is to get the ball into a hole (cup) in the fewest possible number of kicks. A round of FootGolf consists of playing 9 or 18 such holes.

The sport was invented and introduced in The Netherlands back in 2009 and ever since has rapidly expanded across the globe, including countries such as USA, UK, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Hungary, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, Panama and now in South Africa.

The FIFG’s main function is to promote worldwide recognition of the sport of FootGolf as it oversees its international development and growth to ensure equitable playability worldwide for all players.

To reach this goal, the FIFG has established the international rules and guidelines of FootGolf under which all official members agree to abide. Any deviation of established rules must be pre-approved in writing by the FIFG.

The FIFG recognises only one member organisation per country.

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